Part # 10765-TRADE

6.25 pound 11.1Ah 24V lithium iron phosphate battery.

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$947.00 $997.00 (You Save $50.00) All prices or discounts apply to United States sales only. For international pricing, find a regional reseller.
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Get credit for recycling your lead-acid battery

Receive a $50.00 recycling credit when you properly recycle your old Smith-Root lead-acid battery. To take advantage of this offer simply recycle your old battery, send proof of recycling to info@smith-root.com, and then order your new Lithium Battery. Offer good for one battery. Call us at 360-573-0202 if you need more details.

The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery is half the weight of our standard lead-acid battery and has a much higher recharge capacity! Spend more time electrofishing and less time carrying and charging heavy batteries.

Customers should select the UBC-24 Battery Charger for proper charging of the Lithium Battery.

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