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The LR-20B electrofisher features 400W of power in a familiar, easy to use design. Per Watt, the most affordable electrofisher on the market.

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The LR-20B Electrofisher combines 2,600 watts of peak output power with the simplicity of our classic Model 12 Electrofisher, while using the standard accessories of the LR-24 Electrofisher. The LR-20B offers the same rugged features and easy-to-use controls of the original LR-20, with increased output power.

Output Power 400W continuous, 39,600W peak
Output Voltage 50 to 990V in 11 steps (50 to 400V in 50V steps, 500V, 700V, 990V)
Output Frequency 10 to 120Hz in 16 steps (10 to 50Hz in 5Hz steps, 50 to 120Hz in 10Hz steps)
Duty Cycle 5 to 50% in 5% steps, 60 to 80% in 10% steps, Gated Burst 2 pulse, Gated Burst 3 pulse, DC
Overload Protection Automatic electronic and 40A safety fuse, High output current, Output voltage out of regulation, Over temperature
Safety Features Emergency shut off switch, Output active super-high brightness red LED, Output active audio alarm, Output off immersion sensor, Output off tilt sensor, High output current protection, Pole mounted output control switch, Electrode out-of-water shut down sensor, Non-conductive lightweight pack frame, Quick release harness
Timer 6 digit computer controlled seconds counter
Metering Mean current, Peak output voltage, Average output power, Battery voltage, Battery current, Battery fuel gauge, Timer
Battery Choice of 24V lithium or lead-acid batteries
Size and Weight Height: 29.75 in.
Width: 13.75 in.
Depth: 13 in.
Weight: 17.8 lb. (8.07 kg) without battery or accessories

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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