Part # 10995

eDNA Sampler one-time-use packet for each sampling location. 5 µm filter.


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eDNA Sampler one-time-use 5 µm filter packet for each sampling location, containing:

  • Preloaded, openable inline filter housing
  • Single use forceps for filter membrane removal
  • Tubing extension for filter housing

Smith-Root eDNA filter packets are custom designed to maximize the filterable water volume in eDNA studies and help improve species detection sensitivity. The inverted filtration orientation and mechanical design maximize eDNA particle concentration on the membrane filter. A range of pore sizes are available for different environmental conditions.

Don't see the pore size or membrane material you are looking for? Please contact us for custom loaded filter packets.

Not a price list item.

Operational vacuum pressure 0 to 12 psi (-24.4 inHg)
Operational temperature (ambient) 0 to 40° C
Pump tubing connection 0.25 inch ID, 0.5 inch OD silicone tube
Filter membrane material PES
Filter pore size 5 µm
Sterilization Not gamma sterilized (clean-room assembly)
Suggested filtration volume 1 to 10 L
Storage temperature (air) 22° C
Recommended storage enclosure Closed cardboard box

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