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Safely connect electrofisher and booms on a boat.

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The Boom Interconnect Box provides watertight, secure and safe electrical connections from the Electrofisher output to the anode and cathode system of the boat (booms, boat hull, isolated cathode, etc.).

The output cables, which are supplied with your electrofisher, are simply inserted through watertight strain relief connectors, and connected to the anode or cathode insulated terminal post. Cables from your booms are inserted through additional strain relief connectors and connected to the desired terminal. All connections are made using lugs on the terminal posts and booms may be reconfigured as anodes or cathodes simply by changing the terminal to which the boom is connected.

A 3-foot cable with 0.25-inch ring lugs on each end is provided to connect the boat hull as the cathode if desired.

This interconnect box is necessary to safely connect 2.5 GPP, 5.0 GPP, Type VI-A, 1.5kVA, VVP-15B, and Apex boat electrofishers to boat booms.

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