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Custom eDNA Sampler filter pack.

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eDNA Sampler single-use custom filter packet for each sampling location, containing:

  • Preloaded inline filter housing (Self-preserving, or Regular housing options)
  • Removable 47mm eDNA filter membrane
  • Custom filter pore sizes and filter materials (MCE, PCTE, etc.) per customer request
  • Single use forceps for filter membrane removal (optional)
  • Tubing extension for filter housing
  • Call Smith-Root for further details

Smith-Root eDNA filter packets are custom designed to maximize the filterable water volume in eDNA studies and help improve species detection sensitivity. The inverted filtration orientation and mechanical design maximize eDNA particle concentration on the membrane filter. A range of pore sizes are available for different environmental conditions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Smith-Root eDNA filters are covered by our exceptional warranty service. If the filter does not perform within specifications (e.g. air leakage < 12 psi) we will replace the filters at no charge to you within one year of purchase. Guarantee applies to appropriate use of the filters with the Smith-Root eDNA Sampler system or approved pump.

Note: Small, slow-moving bubbles in the suction tubing may occur at high pressures (> 10 psi) and are caused by dissolved gases coming out of solution under vacuum pressure. This is normal and does not indicate leaking. Large, fast-moving air bubbles should not be observed under normal circumstances. Please contact Smith-Root technical support if you have questions.


Operational vacuum pressure Regular housing: 0 to 12 psi (-24.4 inHg)
Self-preserving housing: 0 to 10 psi (-20.4 inHg)
Operational temperature (ambient) 0 to 40° C
Pump tubing connection 0.25 inch ID, 0.5 inch OD silicone tube
Filter membrane material PES, MCE, GFF, PCTE, PVDF, CA, others on request
Filter pore size Many pore sizes available (0.2 to 20 µm)
Sterilization Not gamma sterilized (clean-room assembly)
Suggested filtration volume 1 to 10 L
Storage temperature (air) 22° C
Pre-filtration storage Closed cardboard box
Post-filtration storage User-identified preservation method
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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