SKU: 04071

25 foot electrode pole extension cable, includes 3 floats.

Sale price$712.00 USD


For use with 4-pin AMP connector Electrode Poles only. Will not work with LR series Electrode Poles.

Extension cables have connectors at each end, to interconnect between the SR-6JB and RCB-6B control boxes and a 4-pin AMP Electrode Pole. One end of the extension cable plugs directly into the junction box. At that point a sturdy strain relief is attached. The other end of the cable attaches to an adjustable nylon waist belt with a strong strain relief. The Electrode Pole plugs into a mating connector at the belt end of the cable. Cables are sold with and without floats. Floats prevent the cable from sinking. Floats may be purchased separately. One electrofisher can power three cables up to 100 feet long.

Extension cable is 25 feet in length with waist belt and 3 floats.

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